Director, Jeremiah Huang, Awarded LegalOne Stellar Accolade

Director, Jeremiah Huang, Awarded LegalOne Stellar Accolade

Icon Law is proud to share that its Director, Jeremiah Huang, has been awarded LegalOne's Stellar Accolade for Southeast Asia.

LegalOne s an independent global research company that provides a groundbreaking unique source to senior executives, general counsel, and decision-makers by referencing evaluations and exclusive reviews of commercial deals, dispute cases, and intellectual property matters, as well as direct ratings and testimonials from clients to legal advisors, and "the LegalOne Stellar Accolade is an honour roll dedicated to recognising the practical prowess and expertise of legal professionals."

According to LegalOne, "winners [are] determined by a combination of factors, including the quality and level of LegalOne Merits ratings awarded, supplemented by client feedback and other indicators of professional capability", and "we award our esteemed LegalOne Merits ratings to the most outstanding transactions, based on criteria such as inherent challenges, complexity, innovation, and the social and economic implications of the projects."

For more information, refer to LegalOne's post here.

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